STOCKTON (CBS13) – Police say a handgun accidentally went off inside a movie theater in Stockton Friday night.

Nearly two dozen people were watching a movie in the Downtown Cineplex between 10:45 p.m. and midnight when everyone suddenly ran from the theater and someone yelled, “Someone shot a gun,” said a theater manager.

The manager searched the theater and found a .25 caliber shell casing on the floor, but did find any victims or signs that anyone had been shot. He reported the shooting on Saturday morning.

Stockton Police Department spokesperson Joe Silva says the shooting appears to have been accidental.

No arrests have been made, and none of the witness were able to describe who may have pulled the trigger.

The shooting happened minutes before the first anniversary of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre. That shooting left 12 dead and 70 injured.

Stockton police plan to have extra patrols at the theater as a precaution.

In November 2012 an off-duty corrections officer’s gun accidentally fired at a movie theater in Sonora. The bullet passed through an arm rest and went into the floor. A woman said she was injured by shrapnel, but was not seriously hurt.

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