The show today kicked off with some Alex Rodriguez talk before Keith revealed that he took Nate and Mike D to get professional photos done… and that was a little bit too much for Dave to handle, so naturally the rest of the crew became the butt of some jokes during the early part of the show.

Eventually, it came time for the Five Big Questions. Today the topics included Alfonso Soriano’s return to the Yankees, the latest injury to Percy Harvin, Kyrie Irving, a distraught Redskins fan, and Philip Rivers’ new Offensive Coordinator.

It was the time for “Three Up/Three Down” followed by “Make the Case,” in which Mike D won again as a result of his ability to solicit supporting phone calls from his friends back home in Missouri.

After revisiting the Five Big Questions, it was time for the Red Card Payoff. Dave set a record low with only two Red Cards, leaving Keith as Big Loser of the Day for the second day in a row.


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