Keith and Dave kicked off the show by talking about the KHTK weekend golf extravaganza, where everyone except for poor Nate got to play. The result was that Nate was the only one that didn’t embarrass himself, although Keith was proud of shooting a 110 because of his inexperience as a golfer.

The A’s and Giants, two teams heading in opposite directions, got some time as the guys discussed what the squads should do at the deadline.

Today’s Five Big Questions hit on the Baseball Hall-of-Fame voting, David Ortiz’s scrap with a dugout phone, the struggling Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the fact that the Colts only won one Super Bowl with Peyton Manning, and which current division leaders have the best chance at winning a World Series.

The guys also did “Three Up/Three Down” as well as “Make the Case,” in which Dave stole Nate’s case (but probably presented it in a more compelling way), but Mike D again stole the show in making his case against having a fat caddie.

Then came the Red Card Payoff, where once again Keith and Dave kept it close. Dave was ultimately ruled Biggest Loser for stealing Nate’s case for the Giants being dead for this season.


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