AUBURN (CBS13) — An artist’s plan to paint a free mural to brighten up an Old Town Auburn street has been denied by the historical commission.

Louis Buchetto wanted to give the side of Souza’s Tire Service on Cleveland Avenue a facelift.

He’s willing to paint it for free.

“It’s light-hearted fun. I get so many people saying you made my day by this effort. To me, that works. I don’t think it does any harm. I think it serves”

Louis says he had the owner’s permission to brush up the building’s look.

But the historic-design review commission ruled it doesn’t represent what Old Town Auburn is all about. After that, the owner decided not to proceed with the mural.

“I’m still perplexed.”

Michael Otten with the Placer County Historical Society says part of Auburn’s charm is its old-town feel, and believes the mural wouldn’t represent what the city is all about.

“I think the majority of the people that have lived here for any length of time would prefer something relating to the history, rather than something that has no relationship with Auburn, other than it’s a piece of art.”

A piece of art that’s left Louis hoping for a stroke of luck so he can display his creation for all to see.

“I just kept on focusing on my commitment to share something idealistic. It kept me going, I’m here. It is what it is. I’m stronger for it. I hope they change their mind.”

Louis hasn’t decided what he’s going to do next, but he still hasn’t given up hope that someday his masterpiece will end up here.

And he says he’d even be willing to tone down the colors of the mural in order to keep with the feel of the town.

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