FOLSOM (CBS13) – A driver is in critical condition after his truck left the road and plunged down an embankment to the base of Folsom Dam.

The man was driving his truck on a road adjacent to the dam at around 6:01 a.m. Tuesday when, police say, the vehicle jumped the curb, drove across a bike path, through and chain link fence, up a hill, down the other side and over the edge of the embankment. His trunk plunged 150 feet into a construction area.

UPDATE: Driver’s Dad: Son Thankful To Be Alive After 150-Foot Plunge Near Folsom Dam

Paramedics took the man to an area hospital where he is listed in critical condition. He suffered cuts to his head, a broken leg and possibly a broken arm.

Given the severity of the crash, police say the man is extremely fortunate to be alive.

“[He’s] incredibly lucky. Someone like that should probably buy lottery tickets or go to Reno,” said Bates.

Police have not released the man’s identity, nor have they said what caused his truck to leave the road, but rule out intoxication.

“We have no information that suggest he is under the influence. We are looking at other causes as to why someone would have left the roadway,” said Bates.

The Army Corps of Engineers is sending an inspector to the crash site to check the dam for possible damage.

Driver’s Dad: Son Thankful To Be Alive After 150-Foot Plunge Near Folsom Dam

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