SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Security was increased following Wednesday’s shooting at Aden Fair Mall, while investigators continued to search for the suspects.

Arden Fair Mall security says that anybody that comes and goes through its doors will feel safe because of the police presence that will be very noticeable.

“I’m really confident about it,” said shopper Zen Mendes.

Mall security, along with the Sacramento Police Department, is patrolling the property Thursday.

“We want people to know that we have a surveillance system that catches everything,” said Mall Security Manager Steve Reed.

Suspects are still on the loose just a day after at least five shots were fired. Crime tape lined the parking lot and left bullet holes in cars Wednesday afternoon. However, people still showed up to shop Thursday.

“It’s an isolated event, I think; and people will continue to come to the mall,” said shopper Peter Juhos.

But shoppers may be more cautious about their surroundings.

“Be careful and watch your back, and be close to each other and be safe,” shopper Linda Davis said.

A fight inside the mall that spilled out in the parking lot, leading to shots fired just isn’t keeping people away.

“People get desensitized to a degree about the level of crime and violence that happens in the city; and they go about their daily routine. I’m not going to be threatened by stuff like that in my world,” said shopper Peter Juhlos.

For one shopper, he knows the mall is handling the situation.

“I’m sure they have contingency plans that are set in place,” said Mendes. “I’ve always felt safe here.”

Mall security tells CBS13 that the Arden Fair Mall is one of the safest malls in the country.

At this time, investigators are not releasing surveillance video of the shooting.


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