Grant began the show taking phone calls on thoughts about Kings’ upcoming season, including the offseason moves and schedule that was released on Tuesday.

Voice of the San Francisco 49ers, Ted Robinson, joined Grant on the show to discuss the 49ers’ first preseason game against the Broncos tomorrow night and what to expect in Week 1 against the Packers. Ted also talked about the 49ers’ injuries and how the young and inexperienced WR corps will step up in Michael Crabtree’s absence.

Grant spent some time talking about the Golden State Warriors in comparison to the top teams in the West. He also took phone calls about the recent struggles of the Oakland A’s.

Alfred Williams, 2-time Super Bowl Champion for the Denver Broncos, came on to the show to talk about the Broncos offseason headlines, including Von Miller’s 4-game suspension and Elvis Dumervil’s contractual issues. Alfred discussed the recent performance of rookie running back Montee Ball, the new addition of Wes Welker, and the increased role of tight end Julius Thomas.

Grant took more phone calls on expectations for the Kings this season, their current roster, and what they need to do to improve. Grant also spent some time discussing the NFL preseason and the PGA Championship coming up this weekend.


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