WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The mom of a 4-year-old claims a daycare teacher hurt her son’s ear.

“I don’t know if she’s doing it to other kids. I hope not.”

These scratches on her child’s ear are the reason Janee Romo says she won’t ever take him back to Caring Connection Children’s Center in West Sacramento.

She says her son told her he was fighting with another boy when a teacher broke it up.

“His teacher was mean to him today,” she said. “She pinched his ear really bad.”

Now, she wants the daycare teacher arrested.

“I called the cops, we made an incident report, we took pictures.”

The daycare owner didn’t want to go on camera, but did release a statement saying, “We are certain that no such abuse has taken place. Instead, this incident involved a playground scuffle with two preschool-age boys fussing over a toy.

Janee is upset the teacher is still at work, but the Department of Social Services says that’s normal when it’s a child’s word against the daycare.

After a complaint is made, the department investigates the daycare immediately. Visiting the facility and interviewing staff and children. No action is taken until the investigation is complete. But how long that will take is not known.

In the meantime, the daycare can operate as normal.

The department tells us there have been other complaints against Caring Connections.

In July 2012, the daycare was investigated for not supervising children after a young girl touched a boy’s penis in the bathroom. It was cited for lack of supervision.

In March 2011, a complaint was filed alleging a staff worker hit a child at the daycare. Social services investigated, and two months later found the complaint was inconclusive—meaning they couldn’t prove the alleged incident occurred.

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