Keith and Dave kick off the show with the “Morning After” with the best highlights from Tuesday including Marco Scutaro’s walk-off walk, the A’s bullpen collapse and the Dodgers win in Miami.

The guys get into some NFL conversation and ask who you’d rather have if you were starting a team: Luck or Rodgers?

Wednesday’s Five BIG questions:
1. Did umpire really cost Boston a loss in San Francisco?
2. What do you think of Dempster suspension?
3. Over/Under 9 games for Darren McFadden?
4. Are you surprised with Antonio Smith’s punishment?
5. Do you think Cano returns to the Yankees next year?

Keith and Dave also talked about the Jimmer trade rumors, and what could you get for him?

Also, the guys talked about the NFL players they hate the most. All of Dave’s most hated players went to school in Northern California.

What would your walk-up song be if you played MLB?


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