SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new bill is aimed at helping minors get rid of social-media posts they may come to regret.

“At school, it spreads around pretty fast,” said student Alex Solorio Jr.

Embarrassing photos or a social-media status that crosses the line.

“I do wish I didn’t put those things up and I have taken them down,” said Rebecca Grozav.

Most teens admit they’ve put something up, and almost immediately wished the hadn’t.

But a new bill headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk looks to change that.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg describes it like an eraser button. SB568 would require social-media websites to give minors a way to take down their photos or posts.

“The motivation very simply is to protect kids.”

The sites would have to make it obvious how to do it.

Steinberg says although Facebook offers a way to delete posts, not all sites do.

“Before that information is sent to a third party, a teenager and/or their parent can remove that item.”

He says it’s just common sense, especially in a day and age where potential employers and even universities check social media to learn about who they’re getting.

“I’ve told my daughters a couple times hey you need to take that down that’s a little inappropriate,” said parent Marcy Grozav.

Kids will be kids, but parents say they’re strongly in favor of a bill that would help their teens wipe the social-media slate clean.

The bill also bans websites from marketing alcohol and tobacco to kids and giving minors information to third-party marketers.

The Senate unanimously passed the bill. If it’s signed into law, it’ll go into effect in 2015.

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