EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – The wildfires burning in California are sending lots of smoke into the local air, causing breathing problems for some residents.

Some people are saying the air quality feels like they’ve smoked a pack of cigarettes, but despite the warnings, not everyone changed their outdoor plans.

Friday’s picture-perfect blue sky at Sly Park Recreation Area was a sight not seen much of recently.

Park rangers say while some did cancel their camping reservations because of the smoke, others swooped those spots right up.

“It’s smoke and it travels. It all depends on what the weather is doing and were pushed up against the mountains so it doesn’t really have anywhere to go,” said Ranger Bill Hawkins.

On the third busiest weekend of the year, rangers are just thankful the afternoon winds cleared the air.

From roughing it in the woods to wine-tasting at Apple Hill, the winemaker at Jodar Wineries says the smoke could change the flavor of their chardonnay.

“Petite sirah, you can have a little smoke on that. but chardonnay not so much,” said general manager Bill Gunn.

The winery is a week from harvesting and Gunn says he’s woken up to the smell of fire nearly every morning.

“It was L.A. on a bad day,” he said.

But wine lovers were enjoying the clear afternoon.

“Blue skies, can’t smell (the smoke), it’s great,” said Karen Castro.

The smoke might not bother everyone but if it really starts to smell like smoke and you feel it in your lungs, the best advice is to stay indoors.


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