Keith and Carmichael Dave opened up the show with the “Morning After” going over some of the craziness of Monday Night Football including the Eagles wild offense and the Chargers choking one against Houston.

In the “Beyond the Field” headlines Keith talked about two men dressed as super heroes who saved a cat from burning in a fire. They also talked about Dennis Rodman’s plan to have a US vs. North Korea basketball game for Kim Jong-un’s birthday and Miley Cyrus will host SNL this season.

The guys also talk about the Chargers falling apart at home yet again, and Keith thinks Mike Shanahan is on the hot seat.

Tuesday’s FIVE big questions:
1. Do you have a problem with Harbaugh calling out Matthews?
2. Can the Eagles keep this fast pace the entire season? Will they be a surprise team?
3. Nadal-Djokovic lasted more than three hours…amazing or too long?
4. Do you like the idea of one camera on Manziel?
5. Jarrod Parker has not lost since May 22. Will the streak continue on Tuesday against Minnesota?

What’s the biggest rivalry in the NFL today? Dave says he thinks it’s Seahawks-49ers and the guys discuss other top rivalries.

Super Bowl winning head coach Dick Vermeil joined Keith and Dave. Vermeil on Colin Kaepernick: “I think he is a potential Hall of Famer.”


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