STOCKTON (CBS13) – A mentally disabled Stockton woman, and her young daughter have been found safe after disappearing for more than a week, Stockton police announced Sunday morning.

The two had been missing for eight days when they were found at a friend’s house in Sacramento.

Below is the original story.

The woman’s family expanded their search to the Sacramento area, hoping a tip they received lead to finding the pair alive and well.

“Every day that goes by, I’m getting more and more scared,” said Dina Harris-Williams.

Her home isn’t the same.

“I just want them found,” said Harris-Williams.

She no longer can talk to her niece Ebony Jackson, no longer hears the sounds of Jackson’s daughter Hope playing.

“When I came in (the home), this is how I found the room, bare, empty; and from there on, I just went on to just a straight panic mode,” said Harris-Williams.

She says between 11 p.m. on Sept. 7, and 6 a.m. on Sept. 8, Jackson packed her belongings and left with her daughter.

Harris-Williams says her niece has the mental capacity of a 5th grader.

“She’s mentally disabled, and she trusts everyone,” she said.

Because of that, Harris-Williams believes Jackson didn’t decide to leave on her own. She thinks someone tricked her into leaving.

Stockton police posted pictures of Jackson and her daughter on social media sites, as well as passed out fliers. But, without any sightings, her family is now searching for Jackson in Sacramento.

They say Jackson’s daughter is in a gifted program, and she is their hope that the pair will find their way safely home.

“Hope is very, very intelligent. So I’m praying to God she finds a way to get help for her and Ebony,” said Harris-Williams.

People who know Jackson say they may have met a man she called her boyfriend at a gas station on Thornton Road in Stockton.

Harris-Williams is now waiting for the gas station to look through their surveillance video.

After Jackson went missing, her cell phone was disconnected.


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