A Rocklin High School coach was let go and arrested after allegedly having sex with a student, and police say there may be more victims.

“That’s not OK. That should never happen,” said Principal David Bill.

But Rocklin Police believe it did happen. Investigators announced the arrest of assistant track coach Mark Bevan.

Students and parents alike were shocked. Officers say 21-year-old Bevan had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl—a track runner he was supposed to be training.

Investigators say the two had been exchanging dirty photos, and it might not have been an isolated incident.

“We have indications that there may be possibly other victims, as far as the sexting goes,” said Sgt. Trent Jewell. “It is an ongoing investigation at this point, and we are still doing interviews with possible victims.”

“When trust is broken it hurts everybody,” said Bills.

He expressed his disappointment with the arrest, telling us Bevan was a walk-on coach, meaning he was not a member of faculty or staff. He did, however, complete a background check.

“Whenever one of students is in danger from anyone, certainly someone who should be trusted, it’s a major issue for us.”

For students on other teams at Rocklin, they say relationships with coaches are ones of trust, but at the same time:

“It’s definitely important to have boundaries, because that just can’t happen.”


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