STOCKTON (CBS13) — Before a city councilwoman and her fiance were married on the steps of city hall, the mayor’s car was towed out of his own parking spot.

City Councilwoman Dyane Burgos and her husband, Gustavo Medina, met while they both interned at City Hall. In fact, Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, who was a city councilwoman when the couple worked under her, officiated the ceremony.

But, according to Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, someone towed his car out of his spot before the ceremony. He took to Facebook Saturday afternoon to vent a little about the ordeal.

“I was just informed that while I am here with my son on a mini trip for his Birthday present that my car was towed from the front of City Hall. Apparently a City Council Member is having a wedding. ( I REALLY WISH THAT PERSON THE BEST!) However my car was parked in the spot that says MAYOR. ”

He added later on that there were no hard feelings about the incident and he wished the couple a happy life together.

“I want her to have a good wedding. Everyone deserves to have memories that last a lifetime on their wedding. But someone just should have called me, thats all. They know that it is my car.”


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