LODI (CBS13) – A local man admits his best friend is behind the death of a Dodgers fan, but says he’s still standing by his friend’s side.

That man says Michael Montgomery acted in self-defense. Montgomery enjoyed his first day of freedom after being released for a lack of evidence in Wednesday’s deadly stabbing.

Neighbors say Montgomery’s father is usually working on his cars over the weekend, but not this weekend. There’s not sign of activity at the home.

“I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a good kid. Never out to hurt nobody,” said Tatin Davis, Michael’s Friend.

Davis is visiting Michael Montgomery’s family, just a day after Montgomery’s release from jail. Davis says his friend was outnumbered and pulled a knife out of fear.

“He was trying to get out of there. He’s so small. He’s a small person,” said Davis.

Davis says Montgomery didn’t usually carry a knife. Neighbors describe the 21-year-old, known by most as Mikee, as a respectable young man.

“I don’t see him going after someone,” said Alex Lang, a neighbor.

In San Francisco, a man being held in the same jail cell as Montgomery is also speaking out about a possible motive

“He said basically it was a typical kind of riot situation that might happen at a sporting event. He said he was severely outnumbered and had to defend himself,” said the man.

The San Francisco district attorney is still working to determine whether self-defense played a role in Montgomery’s actions. But whether or not it does, Dodger fan Jonathan Denver is dead — something that doesn’t sit well with Montgomery.

“It’s gonna be something hard to deal with — trying to go to sleep at night knowing what you did on accident,” said Davis.

We went to Montgomery’s father’s house and his mother’s house, but neither wanted to talk to us. As for the victim’s family, Denver’s father is asking anyone who witnessed the stabbing to come forward.

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