Keith and Dave get started talking about Keith’s brakes going out on the way to work and how Nate had to go pick him up.

The guys also recap Monday Night Football and how Drew Brees how solidified himself as a Hall of Famer. What makes an elite team in the NFL? Dave says he’d be Denver, Seattle, Saints and Patriots as the elite teams in the NFL.

Tuesday’s FIVE big questions:

1- There are five 4-0 teams left in the NFL (Denver, Kansas City, Seattle, New England and New Orleans) How would you rank the four teams, and how many of the teams are legit Super Bowl contenders?

2- Giants defensive back Antrelle Rolle thinks the 0-4 Giants can go 12-0 the rest of the way…AUDIO…
What do you think about his comments? Do you like his confidence?

3- The Rays reach the postseason by beating the Rangers 5-2. What does this mean for Ron Washington’s future in Texas?

4- The Chornicle says Bob Melvin SHOULD be the AL manager of the year for the 2nd straight season. Where does Melvin rank the manager of the year race?

5- The Kings open up training camp today in Santa Barbara. What’s the biggest area the Kings HAVE to get better in?

Former A’s player Scott Hatteberg joined Keith and Dave to preview the A’s postseason matchup with the Tigers and how the layout may impact both teams.


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