Keith and Dave get started talking with the question of the day: Should the NHL ban hockey?

Nate and Keith debate who is better: Gronk or Graham?

Former NFL player and NFL on CBS analyst Dan Dierdorf joined the guys to talk about the some of the surprises of the NFL season and Seattle’s home field advantage.

Also, UFC president Dana White joins Keith and Dave to talk about UFC’s return to Sacramento, and he touches on Anderson Silva getting knocked out.

Thursday’s FIVE big questions:
1. What do you think Harbaugh thinks about Whitner changing his last name?

2. Is Matt Flynn really THAT bad or was the o-ine to blame for his poor play?

3. How will the Rays-Red Sox series go down?

4. Which division series will be most entertaining to watch?

5. Will this finally be the year Bill King gets into the Hall of Fame?


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