ACAMPO (CBS13) — An apparent botched pot robbery led to a deadly shooting in Acampo, and has San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies trying to track down a killer.

The father of Kristopher Hoyt, 36, says he was there and watched as his son was shot right in front of him by someone who ran off into the night. He says the shooter sneaked onto the family’s property at about 4 a.m. Friday to steal from their medical marijuana grow.

Deputies say there was a confrontation between Hoyt and trespassers before the shooting.

The noise from the shooting and police response woke up neighbors like Gene Hubble who are more used to the sounds of their own horses and goats.

“It’s been pretty peaceful out here, and when you see that many cares, you know that something is up,” said Hubble.

She’s lived across from the Hoyt family for 25 years, and says her son was a classmate of Kristoffer’s in high school.

“It’s almost like I haven’t seen him around in quite a while, and all of a sudden I hear he’s back, and he got shot, killed,” said Hubble.

The sheriff’s department said they believe the family’s marijuana grow was legal, and they currently have no suspect descriptions.



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