Grant kicked off the show today by talking about the Kings game last night and how the team looks right now. He talked about the improved play of players such as Jimmer Fredette and Ray McCallum Jr. as well as the continued improvement of Demarcus Cousins.

Later on, Grant talked about this weekend’s NFL games and had the callers call in and give their upset of the week as well as the lock of the week. Grant took a little time to talk about each NFL game and gave his picks on whom he thinks will win each game.

Later on, Grant went on his “rant” on the Kevin Garnett/LeBron James back-and-forth situation and more specially, about what Garnett said in response to James.

Around 5:10 Brandon Lang called into the show and touched on a few things including Taj Boyd and the Clemson vs. Florida State game and also touched on the UCLA vs. Stanford game and what his picks are for the game. Later, Lang talked about some of the upcoming NFL games including the Patriots vs. Jets, the Giants vs. Vikings and the Eagles vs. Cowboys game and the Denver vs. Indianapolis game.

Later on, Charles Davis talked about Oregon and their game this weekend and how good Davis believes Oregon is and how efficient and flashy the offense looks. They touched on the Oklahoma State game this weekend vs. TCU and how good of a defense TCU has. Later on, they touched on the Clemson vs. Florida State game and Davis’ thoughts on the game and his belief in Jameis Winston. Towards the end they talked about some of the NFL games this week including the Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants and what Davis expects from Josh Freeman.

Around 6:35 Joe Davidson called in and talked about several of the local high school football games this weekend. He started off by talking about places such as Elk Grove, Grant, Folsom and Oak Ridge. Davidson talked about Jesuit having a really good team for the first time in nearly a decade. Later on they talked about how good of a game they believe that Rocklin and Granite Bay will be. They also discussed social media and how using it to be mean is something that is looked at by recruiters and can be a real detriment to their collegiate careers.

Grant ended the show talking about the NLCS game between the LA Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals as well as the Boston Red Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers.


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