By Steve Large

Sacramento’s big opening night at Sleep Train meant one man from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho would need to act fast to clean up the place.

Rann Haight has been featured on Idaho TV in recent years for his hobby of designing Christmas cards. But he also has a special connection with Sleep Train Arena — he designed it.

So, when Vivek Ranadive decided to give his new home court a million dollar makeover, he called Haight to make the changes.

“We had to get out the original blueprints,” Haight said. “They were a little yellowed.”

In the hours leading up to opening tip off, I found Haight sitting and watching the crowds shuffling by in one of the new arena hallways he created.

He looked exhausted. No wonder. He’d just finished the final touches of the Kings’ new VIP lounge. I could smell the paint.

There was no option but to finish. As he told me, “you can’t call up 17,000 people and tell them to stay home.”


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