PHILIPPINES (CBS13) – Members of a Modesto church were in the Philippines on a humanitarian mission before the monster typhoon Haiyan hit.

The plan was for a group from Shelter Cove Community Church in to go to the Philippines to volunteer. They are still there tonight, but now their mission is now much different.

Church members went to the islands to help out with this orphanage, but soon found out a deadly typhoon was on the way. The group had to think fast and find shelter.

Their pastor in says the group hunkered down at the height of the storm and all 10 survived. They are now helping others with relief efforts.

“They went for cover; they barricaded themselves behind some windows and doors in a solid building,” said Shelter Cove Community Church Pastor Jeremy Oldenburger. “There are so many people who lost absolutely everything and we want to extend as much help as we possibly can.”

Not only did the seven men and three women survive, but none of them was even injured.

The group is planning to fly back home in the next few days, assuming their travel plans are not delayed.

No doubt they will have plenty of stories to share with their congregation.


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