By Kurtis Ming

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Cynthia Vogt Marr said H&R Block messed up on her taxes saying she owed too much.

About a thousand dollars she didn’t have — selling her RV to cover the expense.

When she found out she didn’t actually owe all that money after all it was time to call kurtis.

She didn’t have the money to pay that giant bill, so she sold her RV to stay in good standing with the IRS.

Now she thinks H&R Block owes her much more than an explanation.

“It was in just stellar condition,” Vogt Marr said of her RV.

Just starting to make memories with her kids in it, Marr said she was forced to sell it just months after buying it.

“I sold it because they told me that I owed the IRS and the state,” she said.

H&R Block told her she owed more than $3,150 in taxes.

It wasn’t until after she sold the RV and paid the IRS that H&R Block sent her the correct information showing she actually owed a $1,000 less.

“They didn’t even say I’m sorry,” Vogt Marr said.

Six months have gone by and the IRS still hasn’t refunded her that money — and she said the company has done nothing to help her.

“They made the mistake,” she said. “I think they need to fix it.”

While consumers are ultimately responsible for what’s on their tax filings, tax attorney Steven Packey said a preparer with a guarantee should consider fronting money until Vogt Marr gets the refund from the government.

“I’d at minimum offer to give that tax preparation money back,” he said. “You’re paying for somebody that is supposed to be competent at what they do.”

Once we got involved, that’s exactly what H&R Block did.

The company advanced her $1,000 and returned her tax preparation fee saying, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Of course, her family is now without their RV.

But Cynthia’s glad H&R Block finally did something to help.

“I think that’s the right thing to do,” she said.

Most tax preparation companies offer audit protection for an extra fee, but remember you’re the one responsible for submitting accurate information, so you always want to review your tax returns carefully before submitting them.


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