OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS13) – Rocker Eddie Vedder, who’s apparently also a professional basketball fan, vented his bitterness for Sacramento during a recent performance with Pearl Jam in Oklahoma City.

During a November 16 performance at Chesapeake Energy Arena, the front man of the Seattle-based band took a break from playing to explain his feelings about the Supersonics’ move to Oklahoma City in 2008 and criticized Sacramento, presumably for the city’s successful bid to block the Maloofs’ proposed sale of the team to Seattle.

Watch the video

Here’s what Vedder said:

“It’s nothing to do with Oklahoma, or Oklahoma City or Tulsa or the state or the people or the locals or anything or this arena. It’s simply like, your girlfriend that you’re with — a long-time relationship – and you were a great person in a relationship and the whole thing. And then you wouldn’t like her new husband. If it was Fresno I’d be pissed off at Fresno. The people that are really f***ed, that really f***ed [inaudible] is Sacramento. F*** Sacramento. That’s what I meant to say. When you think about it, and if you’ve been to Sacramento, they’re already kind of f***ed.”

Pearl Jam will perform tonight in Oakland at Oracle Arena.

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