SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — While many people were sitting down for a holiday meal, nearly 40 percent of businesses required at least some employees to be at work on Thanksgiving.

Jared collects carts as he does on most days at the West Sacramento Walmart.

“Rain, sleet, snow, don’t matter,” he says. “I’ll work the day. I gotta make my money somehow. You do what you gotta do.”

But there are thousands who feel he shouldn’t have to, voicing their opinions on online petitions asking companies to close on Thanksgiving.

But working on turkey day is more common than you might think.

As a firefighter, Jeff is used to being on standby in case of an emergency.

“I’ve had years where I work Thanksgiving and Christmas six years in a row, and then you’ll have six years you don’t work. It’s not too bad.”

With being a nurse, Judy knows working holidays all to well.

“I’ve worked a lot of them. But then sometimes I’d be working in the afternoons like 3-11, so it was no big deal really. You had some time with your family, and then you had to go to work,” she said.

They aren’t the only ones—gas stations, restaurants, and even gyms are open. The downtown ice rink is open as families enjoy the winter tradition, but it means people have to work.


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