SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — State investigators say they’ve uncovered an insurance fraud scheme people could be paying for and not even know it.

Six people are accused of working as subcontractors for three auto windshield repair companies, getting paid multiple times for one repair.

“They had access to claims that had been filed, and it looks like what they allegedly did is they go back and file more claims on people who they already had information on,” said Nancy Kincaid with the California Department of Insurance.

Aaron Bonner didn’t want to show us his face on camera, but he’s one of the six accused of being part of the scheme.

“I was already on probation,” he said. “I was thinking this was legit, so it ended up not being legit.”

More than two dozen insurance companies paid out in the scheme.

“This could have gone on for about who knows how long,” Kincaid said, adding that the accused got about $100,000 out of companies.

Investigators say this fraud hits policyholders twice.

“It could cause your rates to be a little higher,” Kincaid said.

CBS13 made calls to the three auto repair companies where the subcontractors worked. Either nobody answered, or they were unlisted.


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