By Kurtis Ming

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — After sitting in the garage for a few years, Juan Bermudez got his 1974 Volkswagon Beetle running again.  He drove the restored vehicle through the Quick Quack Car Wash to find 38 marks on the bumper which he says look like they were caused by the brushes.

“It looks like a tiger went to town on the bumper,” he recalls thinking showing us the damage.

He says the Quick Quack Car Wash in Citrus Heights was quick to deny his claim saying it had video proving the brushes did not damage his car, but he says they refused to show him that video.

“If the video doesn’t show anything happening, then why can’t I see it,” he said.

Bermudez says Quick Quack also pointed to its disclaimer outside the wash which reads, “we are responsible for factory installed, secure and undamaged items on cars less than 5 years old.”  His bug is from 1974.

“Those disclaimers have limits of what they can get out of the way of,” Attorney Taylor Bentley told us.  He says disclaimers don’t necessarily excuse companies from paying for all damage.

“It will come down in how the damage happened.”

The same day we reached out to Quick Quack, Bermudez got a voicemail from Don with the corporate office saying, “You have a valid claim. Our corporation will be taking care of you.”

When I asked Quick Quack spokesperson Travis Kimball why there was a switch in stories, he said, “I think it was just somebody went back and did more investigations.”

Kimball showed us the video which he admits shows their equipment did not work the way it should have and did go up on the bumper.   Quick Quack agreed to repaint the bumper.

“We do want to apologize to Juan the customer in this case,” Kimball said.

Bermudez says no more automated car washes for him.

“I’m just going to wash it in my driveway.”

Quick Quack says it’s obviously not in the business of damaging cars or it wouldn’t be in business. The reason they say they are only responsible for cars less than five years old is because after a few years, he says glues, screws, plastic and parts get old on cars.

If you find damage after going through a car wash tell the owner right away, take pictures and ask to review any possible surveillance video.

The International Carwash Association released this statement.

We’re sorry to hear of this situation. Car wash operators know how important vehicle safety, and customer service, are to their business.

Concerns like these are handled directly with the car wash, usually between the manager or owner and customer. The use of cameras is becoming increasingly common so that it can help aid in these situations.

Eric Wulf, CEO

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