SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police are trying to track down a group of women who they say are targeting shoppers and robbing them with stun guns.

Three unsuspecting women were attacked in two days—one in the Walmart parking lot on Truxel Road in Natomas, and two others at shopping centers on Florin Road.

Investigators say the attacks happen in shopping center parking lots as women walk to their cars.

In the first incident, police say a woman used a stun gun to knock an elderly woman to the ground and take her purse.

Not even an hour later, a female suspect assaulted a victim with a stun gun multiple times at a shopping center off of Florin Road.

Then, police say three teenaged girls used a stun gun to rob a woman in a Rite Aid parking lot off of Florin Road.

Police say every time the suspect or suspects have been seen leaving in a white sedan. They aren’t sure how many suspects may be involved.

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