STOCKTON (CBS13) — A suspected DUI crash left two children trapped in burning car until heroes stepped in and save them.

Brad was down the block from the accident at Lincoln and Church streets when he watched a driver lose control and slam into a power pole.

“It looks bad,” he said. “All I could think of is get over there and help.”

He quickly joined a group of strangers already rescuing two young girls and the driver, who were trapped inside a burning SUV.

“They were dazed by the time we got them across the street they were crying for their mom,” he said.

When officers arrived on the scene, they say the man behind the wheel—Andrew Lopez, 23—tried to flee the scene. They say speed was a likely factor in the accident.

Witnesses at the scene told investigators it looked like the suspect was street racing with another driver who kept on going.

Irene Salmeron, the suspect’s mother, doesn’t believe that’s what happened.

“My son’s car doesn’t even get up to street race,” she said. “He doesn’t street race at all, especially with the kids in the car, he’s not like that.”

Lopez’s parents visited the crash site to find out what went wrong. They say they children hurt in the crash are the younger sisters of his wife.

While they search for answers, relatives are grateful people risked their lives to save the trio from the burning SUV.

“I’m thankful they were here and able to help them, all three of them to get out alive,” she said.


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