Grant opened the show discussing this Sunday’s matchup between the 49ers and Packers. Callers gave their thoughts on the Kings’ loss to the Sixers last night and the NFL playoffs.

Jeff Garcia, NFL Network analyst, joined Grant on the show to talk NFL playoffs. Jeff discussed the weather conditions in Green Bay this weekend, the 49ers game plan, and his experiences playing in cold weather. Jeff also gave his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Carolina Panthers.

Michael Malone, head coach of the Sacramento Kings, came on to the show to talk about his team’s struggles defensively. Coach Malone discussed the importance of consistency, his post-game comments after the loss to New Orleans, and tomorrow’s matchup against the Charlotte Bobcats. Coach also shared why he thinks DeMarcus Cousins is an All-Star.

Brandon Lang, from, joined Grant on the show to discuss this week’s NFL playoff games. Brandon shared his picks for all of the playoff games this weekend and gave his thoughts on the National Championship Game between Florida State and Auburn.


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