FRESNO – A family gathering went bad after competitive tension turning into aggression and finally to all-out violence Sunday.

About 15 relatives gathered inside a Fresno home to watch the NFC Championship game. When the game ended, an argument broke out and one man apparently did not take to well to criticism about the 49ers’ loss, a Fresno County Sheriff’s Department investigator told KPGE.

The man first reportedly pulled out a knife, but left the room and came back with something more threatening, say authorities.

“…escalated into one of the subjects running into a bedroom, grabbing a gun and firing rounds within in the residence,” said Sgt. Kevin Lokus with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Dept.

The man shot two other men once each in the leg. One of the victims is in his 30’s and the other in his 50’s.

The gunman was last seen driving away in a black vehicle.

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