TRACY (CBS13) — Tracy High School neighbors won a battle with the school over parking issues spilling from the campus and into the neighborhood.

The city granted a yearlong resident parking permit trial period to combat what neighbors say is a situation out of control.

Melissa Furtado has a bright orange cone in her driveway to keep parents and Tracy High students away.

“People run the stop sign here, and use our driveways for a turnabout to drop off their children in our driveways,” she said. “They run into our landscaping, our sprinklers, they bust them it happens so much.”

The morning after football games are especially troubling for her.

“It’s like a tornado came through the street,” she said. “It’s awful. We find so many things out here its so bad.”

Doni Wahburn lives two blocks away and says narrow streets make matters worse.

“My family can’t come and visit during the day because Tracy High kids are parking there,” he said.

Residents petitioned the city for street parking changes, and despite a challenge from the school district, the city granted their request.


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