MODESTO (CBS13) — A Modesto wife and mother has been missing for weeks, and her distraught family fears she may be the victim of foul play.

Nicholle Yarnell told her little granddaughter that she was running to the store to buy cough syrup for her husband and a few more items.

She never came back from that Jan. 10 trip.

Rachelle Keeney’s never gone more than a days or two without talking to her mom, and she says it’s not like her to drop off the map like this.

“Jan. 19 was my brother’s birthday, and every year she’s contacted him and told him happy birthday,” she said.

Family members say she went to Golden West Market in southwest Modesto on the morning of Jan. 10.

Officers would find the 46-year-old’s truck near the store, blocking someone’s driveway with the keys in the ignition. Her purse was still inside, as were the cough syrup, 7-up and gumball machine she bought.

“I just hope she just wanted to go and just some time alone or something, because I don’t know why she would just leave and not say bye or nothing,” Keeney said.

She says there’s a history of mental illness in the family, and her mom was released from the hospital just days before her disappearance.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s detectives say there are no obvious signs of foul play, but it hasn’t been ruled out.

Her family fears the worst as days turn to weeks.

“Please let us know that you’re alive, because this is really hard on us and we’re lost without you,” said Rick Keeney.

Yarnell’s bank account hasn’t been touched. Family members say she gets paid at the end of the month, and they’ll be watching very closely for any sign she’s still out there somewhere.


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