By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A doll that shakes its head has some parents and experts concerned it could be sending the wrong message and encouraging eating disorders.

The Nenuco Won’t Eat doll will hit the market this spring and it’s big feature is it refuses food.

Eating disorder expert and anorexia survivor Jennifer Lombardi says she won’t let the doll into her home because of the message it could send.

“Who is going to play with this doll? Probably a girl between the ages of 5 and 7, and as somebody in the field of eating disorders, I can tell you we are assessing kids at those young ages, and they are coming into treatment for eating disorders,” she said.

Those disorders could be reinforced through play time.

“You want your child to develop eating habits, to eat what they’re supposed to eat,” she said.

The doll, which retails for $57.95, will eventually open its mouth, but only when you force it to.

“You actually have to take the back of the spoon and push it against their lips to get the doll to eat,” she said.

The Spain company that makes the doll isn’t encouraging eating disorders, saying it’s actually teaching kids the importance of eating healthy.

Some are finding that explanation hard to swallow.


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