SIERRA NEVADA (CBS13) – Rain fell in the Sierra along parts of Interstate 80 on Saturday. But at the summit, the heavy rain finally turned to snow.

“Winter’s back. It feels great,” said a skier.

It looked like a blizzard at Boreal Ski Resort with lots of skiers enjoying a heavy blanket of snow.

“It’s soft, it’s a little bit sticky and it’s great,” he said.

Snow only fell in higher mountain elevations.
“We are just out with the kids, having fun. It’s their first time in snow,” said a man.

And not every ski resort was so lucky. Boreal was one of the only places to get powder like this.

“We went to Northstar; however, it’s all raining there so we came back,” said a skier.

But to get to the snow, you had to get through the rain.

“It’s been rough. Everyone is driving really slow and it’s super slushy, so it’s really slick,” said motorist.

Chain controls were mandatory even with no snow or ice on the ground, forcing many to chain up in the rain.

“I don’t know why we putting on chains. It’s wet,” said a trucker.

Whether soaking wet or frozen solid, snow and rain was a nice change of pace, said several people we interviewed.

“It’s amazing. I’m so happy…because we need it,” said a motorist.

People flocked to Boreal today to enjoy a foot of new snow. The resort is expecting another busy day tomorrow as it’s forecasted to have even more snow.


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