SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Call him Cupid. He’s an undercover shooting arrows into relationships

He’s using GPS technology to catch cheaters finding love in all the wrong places.

This time he was doing it from the comfort of his officer computer, helping lovers get answers.

He does it secretly by placing a hidden GPS device on our in the unsuspecting potential cheater’s car. He wouldn’t place one while we were recording, but it’s pretty small.

It offers real-time tracking with pinpoint accuracy. There’s even a paper trail and video.

But is what he’s doing legal? He says it’s OK for married couples with joint vehicle registration.

But is it too sneaky?

“If you have to do something like that to find out what your loved one is doing, that’s not a good relationship,” said one man we spoke to.

But suspicious lovers are signing up.

“It’s kind of like fishing,” the investigator said. “When you go fishing, you want to catch fish, and this thing makes our job so much easier.”

He says his service can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars to thousands.

He says it’s tough justifying tracking single lovers using a GPS device. To avoid legal problems in those cases, he usually does it the old-fashioned way: By using his car.

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