Grant started off the show talking about the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin scandal with the Miami Dolphins and some of the reports that have been released today. Grant talked about the culture of the NFL locker room and when it comes to certain things that people say.

Grant also talked about Carmelo Anthony and the report that he said that he would be willing to take a pay cut to stay in New York. Grant, however, doesn’t think the Knicks should resign him and doesn’t think he’s worthy of a max deal.

Later on Grant talked to Aaron Bruski of Pro Basketball Talk about the upcoming NBA trade deadline and who he thinks will be traded and what to expect from teams. Grant and Bruski talked about Pau Gasol possibly being traded and what teams like Boston or Philadelphia will do.

Grant also talked to Kings General Manager Pete D’Alessandro about the team and how they’ve played recently as well as the second half and what to expect from Demarcus Cousins. Pete says that Cousins’ potential is so high that he doesn’t even know how good he could be.

Grant also talked to Tim Roye, radio play by play analyst of the Golden State Warriors about the team and how they’ve possibly underachieved so far. Grant also talked about recent games between the Kings and Warriors and how they always seem to go down to the wire.


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