STOCKTON (CBS13) – The commute just got easier for public transportation riders in Stockton.

Six new buses were put into service today, boasting a variety of features.

The buses are longer than existing Metro Express buses, allowing more people to ride. They’re 60 feet long and articulated, which is 50 percent longer than Stockton’s current buses.

With large isles and a boarding ramp, the buses are easier to get on, off and move around on than before. They’re also hybrid — running on gas and electricity. And they’re quieter than the other buses.

“There have been times in the past, many times, when our buses are just packed – standing room only, which we love because customers love our service. But it’s hard to see people waiting on the side of the street who we can’t pick up. So with these buses will have more capacity to better-serve the needs of our customers,” said Donna DeMartino, General Manager and CEO of RT.
Each bus costs about $1 million.

The first new bus ran on Metro Express Route 40 this morning.

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