SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A growing number of restaurants aren’t serving water unless patrons ask for it in an effort to save water during California’s drought.

You can still expect to see a smiling face from your server when you first sit down at Mikuni’s in Midtown Sacramento. But a glass of water won’t be there unless you ask, says General Manager Jay DeGuzman.

“Ever since the governor declared that we’re in a drought emergency, right away we were on it,” he said.

The restaurant is part of a growing trend holding the water at the table until guests asks for it.

“We want to do our part to save water,” he said. “The name of the campaign is called Savor The Sips, Mind The Drips.”

Signs sit on tables telling patrons if they want water, then they should ask. And the same goes for refills.

Brodericks Roadhouse in West Sacramento and de Vere’s Irish Pub in Midtown are both waiting to bring water to the table as well.

Customers we talked to say they didn’t even notice the change, but they’re glad local companies are trying to help as the drought drags on.

We’re all in this together,” said Christine Burton. “It’s gotta happen everywhere and every little bit adding together will hopefully make a difference.”

Miku’s also said it bought a water-efficient dishwasher and workers are told to make sure dirty dish loads are full to get the most out of every drop.

Guzman hopes the water saving changes might even rub off on customers.

“We are letting our guests know that we are doing this campaign, just so they can help recognize and maybe do their part in turn,” he said.


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