SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police say a fleeing suspect accidentally shot himself in the leg after an officer approached a group of men.

One of the seven suspects had dropped a gun on the ground, and another took off.

An officer pursued 18-year-old Josiah Jones, but lost track of him briefly. That officer heard a single gunshot come from the area Jones had run toward. The officer would eventually find a gun they believed Jones had, as well as Jones hiding not too far away.

While Jones was being questioned, officers noticed he was feeling discomfort in his leg. He tried telling officers it was an old injury he reaggravated while running from cops.

But officers didn’t buy it and inspected the inside of his pant pocket, which revealed Jones had somehow shot himself in the leg.

He was hospitalized prior to being booked in jail on weapons and gang-related charges.

Two men who were also arrested are facing charges: One for having a stolen gun, and the other for violating his parole.


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