By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A peaceful Saturday in the park takes a sudden and strange turn as witnesses watched an SUV plunge into a pond.

The driver of that SUV took everyone by surprise, narrowly missing park pedestrians before taking the vehicle for a swim.

“There were a bunch of people walking around,” said one bystander. “They almost hit a couple of people.”

The driver of the submerged Range Rover plunged into East Sacramento’s McKinley Park Pond.

The park busy with bicyclists, kids birthday parties, and dogwalkers suddenly got an added splash of adventure.

“We heard first a big boom, and we looked up, and the rover was coming up over the edge,” said Erin Wellington. “He kept driving through.”

When police arrived, they put the driver in the back of a patrol car. We asked him what happened, and he still seemed dazed.

People who watched him go into the pond, say he didn’t appear to be angry.

“He looked out and said, ‘Where am I?’ and I said, ‘In a lake,” and I said someone is calling 911 and he didn’t say anything,” Wellington said.

Police took the driver of the SUV to a hospital for medical evaluation.


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