FORESTHILL (CBS13) — Rescuers are saying a Foresthill teen is lucky to be alive after slipping and falling 250 feet down a steep cliff.

Behind Worton’s Market where kids hang out is the cliff where Tyler Grady fell.

Mitchell Whitney got a phone call on Tuesday afternoon he’ll never forget.

“He said, ‘I fell, I’m hurt, I’m by myself, I’m bleeding, there’s blood everywhere. I need you to get here,’” he said. “My heart was racing and I couldn’t even comprehend what was going on.”

Placer County Sheriff’s Lt. Kevin Borden says Grady fell 250 feet down a vertical cliff and onto a ledge after trying to move a picnic table with a friend.

But getting to him would be a challenge. Deputies worked with Foresthill firefighters, but the vegetation was so thick, even they couldn’t get to Grady.

That’s when they called in the California Highway Patrol helicopter.

“When they were saying there was no response, all our hearts dropped,” said Danelle Godon. “We all find out that it was Tyler Grande, and great kid, Eagle Scout and strong football player. Very respectful kid.”

But a medic was able to get close enough to the 17-year-old to see that he was alive.

Two hours after his fall, the CHP helicopter hoisted Grady off the ground, and from there he was taken by ambulance to Sutter Roseville.

Amazingly Grady will live to talk about his fall in Foresthill, a place many area teens already know is a dangerous area.


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