CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — A woman opened a box mailed to her home and found the names, personal information and medical records for hundreds of people.

That box contained the medical records, test results, and credit card information of people from across the United States.

After receiving the mysterious box, Jerri Crabtree reached out to CBS13 to find out who is responsible.

“There’s hundreds of them here, and I don’t know why I got them, or where they came from,” she said.

She found the FedEx package on her Carmichael doorstep with her name, address and cellphone number on the label. But what’s inside doesn’t belong to her.

“I thought it was mine, until you start going through pages and pages, and you realize it’s got somebody else’s name, somebody else’s social security number, their address, their phone numbers, their subscriber number, their health insurance information,” she said.

Inside were stacks of medical records, including people’s conditions, recent medical tests, signatures and hundreds of credit card receipts.

“If it fell into the wrong hands, they are going to have all of your personal information,” she said.

Crabtree called CBS13 to help get the answers that so far she hasn’t been able to.

We started by calling the company on the label: J. Reckner Associates, based out of Pennsylvania.

Owner David Reckner says his business is a marketing research company.

“We don’t handle medical records, we don’t handle credit card receipts, we don’t,” he said. “That’s not our business. We would never have come into possession of those.”

He says the company did send her a package from its Wisconsin office. But that was breakfast cereal intended for research purposes.

“We shipped her a pound of something via FedEx, and it seems to me that you’re talking about something that weighs substantially more than a pound,” he said. “So we didn’t ship it to her.”

Reckner says the package his office sent weighed 1 pound, but according to the FedEx tracking site, the package weighed 7 pounds.

“I believe this is an isolated case, and I don’t know why this has happened,” he said.

Meanwhile Crabtree is upset she’s now stuck with all this information she was never supposed to see.

“I don’t want to hang onto this any longer than I have to,” she said. “I don’t want to be responsible for this. I feel guilty for looking to see if I was in here as it was.”

So how did that box of personal medical information get mailed to her? We’re still working on getting those answers.

In the meantime, that box and all of the information inside is safe, until Crabtree finds out what to properly do with it.


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