By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A smashup on Interstate 5 in Sacramento sent one passenger into a state of panic after her dog was lost in the chaos for hours.

Most dogs love car rides, but the ride Mammas took with her owner Cory Hernandez took an ugly turn.

The crushed metal you’re looking at can be repaired, but the broken heart Hernandez had after the Tuesday wreck wouldn’t be so easily fixed.

“The airbags went off, and my dog was real scared and she jumped out the window, and now she’s running down the freeway,” she said.

She thought she had a hold of Mammas, her 1-year-old pit bull with perfect markings, and she says, the perfect temperament.

But the scene was too chaotic.

“She scrambled to get out the window, and I was trying to stop her, but I couldn’t open my door,” Hernandez said. “I hope she’s not in the middle of the freeway somewhere. I love my dog so much.”

It turns out Mammas wandered into a strip mall where a nice man took her to a pet store that checked her ID chip implant. With one phone call, she was back home after being shaken up by her wild ride.

The small hobble in her step will heal, as will the cut on her paw.

But her reunion with her owner will have to wait just a bit, as Hernandez went to the hospital to get checked out for bumps and bruises.

But as for her broken heart, that’s healed up nicely.


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