WOODLAND (CBS13) — Mario Lopez is considered armed and dangerous and is wanted in more than 100 burglaries.

But when he went to turn himself into the Yolo County Jail last week, no one came to get him, so he walked out.

“He went to the front window,” said Capt Robin Faille, the county’s detention commander. “He identified himself.”

He’s suspected in more than 100 break-ins in the last two months. After some time on the run, he apparently decided he’d had enough and tried to turn himself in.

“The clerks back there identified him, confirmed that he did in fact have the warrant,” Faille said.

Then, the clerks told Lopez someone would be out to take him in. He sat down and waited. After awhile, Woodland Police told the Daily Democrat that Lopez got tired of waiting and simply left.

Faille says the average wait time is 15 to 20 minutes and video surveillance shows Lopez waited 14 minutes.

She says when Lopez turned himself in, officers couldn’t get to him right away, because a new round of officers were just walking in to start their shift while other officers were already booking arrestees—something that can be done only one person at a time.

Still, the jail did reevaluate its booking policies, and jail supervisors will prioritize arrests to make sure that if Lopez decides to turn himself in again, he just might be the first in line.

Lopez is considered armed and dangerous and is 5-11 and 180 pounds.

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