A local musician is missing after he disappeared before he was set to play a show in Sacramento.

Family and friends are searching every highway and city and street in a desperate attempt to find Broughty Cole.

Sky Cole says his brother would never miss a chance to play a gig.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense,” he said.

The drummer was set to be on stage in Nevada City on Wednesday with his band, but he never showed. He also never arrived at a friend’s house on Grass Valley on Monday.

“He was supposed to meet with someone Tuesday, night and then give someone a ride to a show and then play in the show Wednesday night,” Sky said.

Sky and his sister Jamaica describe Broughty as smart, witty and artistic—someone who loved music. They’re worried because he’s never disappeared like this.

Broughty apparently lost his phone charger before he disappeared. His last call came Monday evening, telling his friends he’d be on his way to Grass Valley in a few hours.

“That was about 6:20 p.m. that he called them, and that was the last anyone has heard of him,” Jamaica said.

The family has made fliers and called just about every friend they know to be on the lookout for him, but not one sighting of the green Volkswagen Passat.

“We drove around all over the highways between Auburn and Nevada City, just pulling over to the side of the road every time we saw tire tracks or a deep side part of the road,” she said.

Each passing hour Broughty doesn’t come back to Oak Park, their biggest fears come closer to reality. Jamaica says she just tries to stay busy and remain hopeful.

“I’m trying not to let too many things go through my head and just focus on being proactive and getting as much information as possible.” Jamaica said.

Sky and Jamaica say they have checked with all of the local hospitals and do not believe Broughty would do anything to hurt himself.

The family is having people meet at McClatchy Park on Saturday morning to search for any sign up him.


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