DAVIS (CBS13) – A local group is helping kids bullied at school – and the bullies themselves.

Marisa Robb is in sixth grade, about to embark on a whole new journey in middle school. She’s the exact kind of kid the “Bully No More” workshop is targeting.

“I might have been a bully myself a little bit in fourth grade. I was mean to someone, but we worked it out,” Robb said.

The free workshop was hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, as well as the groups Uniting for Racial Justice and the Davis Phoenix Coalition.

Junior high and high school-aged youths, along with their parents, were encouraged to come.

“If your child is being bullied at school, often times they don’t come home and say they’re being picked on. It’s very sensitive it’s a very sensitive subject,” said Gloria Partida, one of the event’s organizers.

Partida got involved after her own personal nightmare. Her 32-year-old son was brutally attacked in front of a party in Davis almost a year ago. Mikey Partida had a fractured skull, fractured ribs, bruises and lacerations. His mom believes Mikey’s was targeted because of his sexual orientation. Now she spends her time raising awareness.

“There’s a lot of social bullying that goes on; a lot of excluding, labeling. It’s insidious but it’s just as harmful,” Gloria said.

The workshop was for one day only, but organizers say it won’t be the last one they hold.


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