SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Cal Expo’s boat show wrapped up over the weekend – but with the drought, it’s looking like boating season may be shorter than usual.

Still, many were in the market for new boats.

“Naturally, we have concerns there will be enough water in the lakes,” said Fred Montgomery, who was looking at boats.

Montgomery drove down from Chico with his son Marcus to check out boats. As a farmer, he is well aware of the drought.

“[We’re] hoping we get some more rain and snow pack this year so the lakes fill up again,” Montgomery said.

Even with the potential of a shorter boating season this year because of the drought, hundreds of people still turned out for the boat show.

“Our sales are actually up 40 percent year-to-date,” said Bob Bense, owner of Superior Boat Repair & Sales.

Bense says there was a lot of uncertainty leading up to the boat show.

“We didn’t know.  The lake is very low,” Bense said.

For Dan Brooks – who was also in the market for a new boat – he’s confident things will improve soon.

“It’s not like it’s always going to be followed up with torrential downpour next year, but the rains are going to come,” Brooks said.

That’s the same mentality Montgomery has – because even if one year isn’t great, there’s always years to come.

“A boat is a long term investment and it’s something we will use for years to come,” Montgomery said.

According to several boat salesmen, Folsom Lake should lift their 5 mph speed limit within the next few days – and many people are looking to the delta and other lakes to use their boat.

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