By Steve Large

EAST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An East Sacramento couple got a surprise delivery: a package containing several pounds of pot.

They don’t know how or why it arrived on their doorstep, but they want it off their hands.

“What the hell? Call the cops,” the wife said after discovering it.

It’s a delivery that has the couple dumbfounded. Inside a boxes, hidden underneath smaller empty boxes and bubble wrap was an airtight package containing a whole lot of weed.

UPDATE: Postal Service Says Pot Shipments With Fraudulent Return Addresses On Rise

“This is easily thousands of dollars worth of marijuana,” said the husband. “If someone were to come in retaliation to something, you know, I have six kids.”

The box showed up with the couple’s home listed as the return address with markings on the U.S. Postal Service delivery reading “unclaimed” and “postage due.”

A pot surprise, and it was high time to call the police

“For someone to just go ahead and take my name and smear it, that’s slanderous,” he said.

The couple filed a police report, and investigators came and took the marijuana. They’ll work with the U.S. Postal Service to find out where the pot came from.


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