STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton park rebuilt by community members was the target of vandals who neighbors fear just did it for the fun of wrecking it.

It took volunteers four months to improve the park, but vandals only needed a few hours to do serious damage.

A neighbor who doesn’t want to be on camera spotted the damage earlier this week.

“It’s just a real shame,” he said. “I’m real sick over it.

Bolts were busted and parts of the playground equipment was dismantled.

“Once they got these screws loose, they kicked it,” he said. “This one here, you can see is still loose.”

Nothing valuable was taken. Instead, neighbors fear vandals did it for fun.

“All across the bottom here, it leaves a series of jagged, sharp edges,” he said. “If any kid came out here and played, they could’ve really done some terrible damage to their legs.”

The park is nestled between apartment homes plagued by crime.

Dozens of volunteers, including church groups and people helping with the annual Love Stockton event built the playground and restored the park.

Despite what happened, organizers are ready to rebuild once again.

“We are not going to give up,” said Richard Smith, who helped build the park. “That’s the last thing we are going to do. We are not going to let someone ruin it. We are going to keep a closer eye on it in think and hopefully we will catch these people, or better yet I hope they see this and stop.”

Neighbors are looking for volunteers to help with repairs and additional improvements, as security guards are patrolling the neighborhood.


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